How Do You Make Women Like You?
For most men who are having a hard time getting a date, the most important question for them is this: How do you make women like you? Well, if you were Donald Trump, you would say that it’s as easy as grabbing them by the p*ssy. However, if you are a decent man with a great deal of respect for the women in your life like your mother, aunt, and sister, then you already know that women are more complicated than they seem.

And so, the keys to make women like has nothing to do with their genitals. According to Pandora’s Box, a how-to attract e-book by Vin DiCarlo, the key to attracting women is in your ability to determine the kind of woman the woman you like is. He starts out by classifying the opposite sex into eight types. Each of these types have a secret code for what makes them attracted to men. It is up to you as a man to determine the classification of your prospect and to study closely what would make her warm up to you.
Now if you are like most men, you are probably wondering if this eight-type classification works. Well, we are here to tell you that it does. However, you do need to pay attention. And you need to practice. You might fail the first time because you were nervous, but as you do it again and again, you might just find yourself growing in confidence in the way you deal with women.

Of course, aside from Pandora’s Box, there are other products of the same kind that you can choose from. Just go to Google and search for “attract women", make women like you, and other similar searches. You will find that there are literally a ton of products that you can choose from.